Stylish Rugs that made 2021 beautiful

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Imagine you have got an invite to a grand party. What are you going to wear? The best of evening gown or a three piece dapper suit, isn’t it? But, what if you team them with a pair of slippers or slip ons? NAH! That would be a mismatch plus it will not put a very good impression on guests who are dressed well tip to toe. Similarly, rugs for floor holds the same place in the interiors of your home. Therefore, it is said that one thing you cannot miss to have in your lovely and modern home décor is carpets and rugs for floor. This décor accompaniments, moreso essentials, turn your abode into a beautiful site and adds a spark to your interior. Boho-style rugs, despite being very pocket-friendly, look classy. Carpets on one hand adds a feeling of warmth in winter while rugs are all season favorites. Choose vibrant colors if these rugs are for kids’ room and choose a subtle colored rugs for your living room or any other common area. Contrasting rugs are more in fashion than the matching one. Choose the one that’s completely color opposite from your wall. The softness and comfort which a carpet or rugs make you feel is a stress reliever. We are not telling you to directly place and sit on the rug but if you are doing a morning yoga or a meditation session, then why not?

Gift a rug for a smile in return

Rugs for floor are also the best gift for someone whom you love. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasion, rugs have been a top selling gift for the year 2021. While you shop a carpet or rugs for floor from an e-commerce platform, make sure you know the fibre it is made of. Cotton and jute rugs at Feel Bohemian are made of 100 percent recycled material and are dyed using natural colors. Pack happiness and see your loved ones smile as you have given them one more reason and resource to decorate their home. Any home furnishing essential is a very good gift which people love to receive so, next time you are buying a gift, think of rugs.

Placing Rugs reduce noise level in home

A home perfectly balanced and decorated with right placement of rugs feels less of echo and noise levels. You will not strike your feet or footwear directly against the floor. Placement of a rug or a carpet noticeably reduces noise level. When you shift to a new home, placing rugs first will protect your wooden or tile floor from any scratches. Did you ever think that a piece of cloth in the form of rugs for floor can be of this much use to reduce noise and maintain a peaceful environment at home? We have tried doing up rugs and have seen the benefits of it in terms of décor and utility.

Most stylish rugs of 2021

Round Rugs
Round Rugs look cool! They are ideal for a small seating area with a wooden table and two lovely chairs. Putting a round rugs for floor is a great idea to create a cozy seating area for sipping your morning and evening cup of tea or coffee.

Rectangular Rugs
Rectangular Rugs are ideal to be placed underneath your center table or a 6 seater dining table. Rectangular rugs are the most common rugs for floor and are sold the most for décor purpose.

Oval Rugs
Oval Rugs are new in trend. They make your room looking differently furnished. The best thing about an oval rug is that it is a smart design combination of a rectangular and a circular rug. So, place it in a living room or at any seating corner for an added spark to your house.

Some value points in 2021 suggested by ‘RUG USERS’

  1. Ensure that rugs for floor you purchase are bigger than the seating area underneath which you are planning to place it.
  2. Rugs are great to be placed as a bedside runner just to make sure that you do not step on the floor bare feet when you get up.
  3. Wash rugs in a mild detergent without tumble drying in washing machine. Soak in a mild detergent in lukewarm water to retain its fibre value. Washing in a machine will loosen the corner threads of the rug and make it look shabby.
  4. Never keep a rug in bright sun for drying. Let it dry naturally under a shade otherwise it will lose its natural color in which it is dyed.
  5. In case you like the design of the rug but are not finding a perfect size match then, you can experiment with cutting the rug into smaller pieces to make a perfect fit for your room. This will give you several rug pieces which can be used at mats at different corners of your home. Now, that’s what we call optimally utilizing a thing.

We hope this has been an informatory reading on rugs for floor. Hope you buy and click pictures of your revamped home décor after placing your favorite rugs.