Looking out to buy a rug for room?

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People have different choice when it comes to the big decision to buy rug for room . Rugs come in many sizes, shapes and thickness. Amongst these different types of rug for room, ones with light fur are bought the most as it works well in all seasons. Whenever you buy rug for room, remember to look at the few things:

  • Material of the rug

Cotton and synthetic rug for room are both all season rugs so; choose wisely if you are specifically looking at a pure winter or summer rug for room.

  • Wash Care & Instructions

Rugs have close knit fibres to it which easily loosen up if you wash them with hands or in a washing machine. Look at the washing instructions mentioned on the packaging or ask the seller about the same.

  • Color Care

Tumbling and then drying in sun may ooze out the dye color which has been put to the rug whole making it. So, dry it under the shade.

  • Color theme of rug

The color theme whenever you buy a rug for room should go with your room theme. Although, contrast color options are also in trend still, a more preferred rug is that matching with theme of your room.


Buy rug for room

Benefits to buy rug for room

Rugs in Living Room

Living rooms are a place where you spend maximum no. of hours in a day. It is, in short, the meeting point of all family members after they are back home. This space needs to look cozy and have your special touch. So, the major benefit of rugs in living room is, you can just go around lazy and play games sitting not on the floor but on the rug placed on the floor.

Rugs in Bedroom

Bedroom is a private space and it has to be decorated with choicest things chosen by the one who lives in that bedroom. This is the reason, before buying a rug for your bedroom; you need to know the theme of your room. The major benefit of placing a rug in the bedroom is

Rugs in Dining Room

Dining room is an important part of your house. It is a place where everyone sits down together for a happy meal. So, a rug in dining room must be kept simple and elegant. It must be non-skid for people to walk over it while they carry meal bowls. One must ensure that they do not slip or get their leg entangled in the area where the rug is placed. 

Buy rug for room

So, if you wondering “Should I buy a rug for my room?” we will not let you alone. This is your guide to types of rugs with pictures:

These rugs are made of woolen fibre and are ideal for regions which experience winter for most part of the year or in countries where temperature is hybrid, woolen rugs are used in winter season.

Silk rugs are expensive, tough to maintain and more prone to damage. But they look beautiful and make your room look royal. It can be placed in an area that is less walked by like your place of worship. Placing a silk rug in living room shall be nit so good idea as you will face hard time cleaning and maintaining it.

The furry rugs are most common types of rugs and are economical. It comes in various colors and design s so you can easily choose the one that matches or is in complete contrast with the theme of your room.

Jute Rugs give your rooms a rustic and ancient feel. Although few like these basic colors, as jute comes in only shades of brown and grey, but the ones who love these minimalistic looks will choose jute rugs over any other type of rug.

  • Cotton Rug

A cotton rug is both economical and easy to maintain. You can easily wash a cotton rug and if you lie variety, due to its low price, you can change or flip it room to room.

Happy Rug Shopping!