Oodles of benefits with Pure Copper Bottle

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Copper: The Miracle Metal

Haven’t you been in trend with everything….the attire, the footwear, the crockery, vessel and much more. Why then carry same old water bottle when you have one with amazingly surprising health benefits and that too manifold. Pure Copper Bottle Price in many countries might vary but it is quite pricy than other available alternatives in the market. Copper bottle has oodles of benefits that will befriend you for ages. It’s time to give up on your own traditional ways and carry copper bottle in style.

Many coper bottle sellers claim that they have got positive feedbacks from people who have used it for over a month. For maximum health impact, it is recommended to store water overnight in a copper bottle and drink it fresh in the Morning. It is advised not to boil water that’s stored in the copper bottle as it will again hamper all the soluble copper portions that have been infused overnight. Make sure that each member of family has a separate copper bottle that they carry wherever they go. Sipping water from the bottle also has its implied benefits. Copper is a substance that generally does not get fulfilled by any portion in human diet so the best way is to take it with water. There are copper supplements but nothing comes in a s pure form as pure copper bottle. Pure Copper Bottle Price ranges between $15-$ 20 approximately. For exquisite and wide variety of Copper Bottles, visit Feel Bohemian Store.

Benefits of drinking water in pure copper bottle

  1. Copper water improves joint health, thyroid health and digestive tract issues.
  2. It is a great soluble vitamin which increases iron absorption capacity in human body.
  3. Drinking water in a copper bottle improves the immune system of human body, aids digestion, decrease wound healing times and even boost tan. So, if you are looking for tanned skin texture, maybe there is no better natural solution such as Copper.
  4. Melanin, a natural brown pigment present in copper matched your skin tone to tan. This also keeps your skin healthy and away from irritations and skin diseases like Psoriasis
  5. It keeps thyroid at bay and regulates blood sugar level.

Right way to Drink Water from A Copper Bottle

We have discussed to much extent the health benefits of pure copper bottle. But, there has to be a certain way in which one should consume water from that has been stored in Copper Bottle.  Remember, you body requires only some traces of copper so, never overdo that. Human body also reacts to anything that’s taken over and above the required quantity. Even if water constitutes 75% of our body components, we cannot keep drinking water from pure copper bottle. Here are a few tips on drinking water from a copper bottle correctly and safely:

  1. Check for pure copper bottle price online & offline. You can buy it on feelbohemian.com.au (It gives you an assurance of the purity of the metal.)
  2. Fill the bottle with water and store it in a cool dry place overnight or all day or for 8 hours.
  3. Never refrigerate a copper bottle containing water.
  4. Do not share copper water bottle with anybody, even if someone is a family member.
  5. Store water for atleast 6 hours before drinking, only then it will put a considerable impact.
  6. Drink water stored in a copper bottle early in the morning and that too empty stomach.
  7. Do not overdo anything. Drinking water stored in copper bottle is advised only twice a day. This is enough for what your body requires.
  8. Do not drink water in one go. Drink it sip by sip.
Take breaks from drinking water from copper bottle. Drink for two months and then give a break. This will flush out the extra copper from your body.