Journey from monotonous masks to designer printed masks!

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“Prevention is better than cure” is now the fundamental concept of modern-day health care system. Time is evident that it is always preferable to be safe about things than to be miserable later. Wearing face masks is recommended by World health organization (WHO) as crucial personal protective equipment as well as public health operation to hinder the spread of deadly coronavirus. Hence, mask has become a new legal outfit to keep the generation protected and safe.

In year 2020, suddenly the world is forced to stop the happy normal life and step into a pandemic phase.If we look from the perspective of a fashion maniac, it is really painful for them to see themselves in monotonous blue surgical masks in every single outfit. Subsequently, the pandemic enhanced boredom among the fashion maniac which is a new kind of pandemic.

In order to resolve this issue, creative designers, clothing brands and a number of innovative entrepreneurs stepped up to tailor designer printed masks for almost each and every occasion. While the global fashion industry was losing hope for financial recovery, the pandemic offered a new unique market.

Designer Masks

The designer masks are way different form the monotonous blue, black, white or grey masks that people were using earlier. These masks look very different and attractive, packaging and pricing of designer masks also vary from brands to brands. People are willing to pay a little higher than the surgical masks, for these colorful printed designer masks. This became a unique solution for a multi-national issue. Feel Bohemian is also providing a wide range of designer printed mask. The fashion designers have to follow strict guidelines issued by the health care institutions like WHO to stitch masks with three layers.


Let’s have a look on the benefits provided by the designer printed masks:

  1. This wiped out the monotony of blue masks and make the world to fight the pandemic with colorful masks.
  2. This solution is environment friendly as the designer printed masks can be reused again and again, such masks are washable, breathable and reversible.
  3. These masks are more comfortable and aesthetic, which resulted in a broad range of colors and prints availability in the market.Reduced the burden of medical professionals to meet the demand of surgical masks.
  4. This worked as fantastic solution for outfit-obsessed generation.
  5. This has helped travel freaks to keep themselves stylish and safe while traveling the world.
  6. The designer masks open a whole new world of customization of masks, which enable the individuals to get their masks printed in whatever design they want.
  7. The designer masks are easy to use as they don’t have to be tied at the back of ear and the durability is also high.

    Everyone from local boutiques to famous luxury brands are competing with each other to manufacture beautifully crafted designer face masks for their customers. While some are enjoying this era of “new normal” with innovative and designer masks, some are still in dilemma regarding the efficiency of these masks in protection against the coronavirus; will they be able to breathe properly with a print on the designer masks; are these masks reusable and washable; are these masks equivalent substitute of medical-grade masks or not; are these masks economic or burden of my pocket??

    The answer to all these such questions is positive for the printed masks as the pioneer institution of health care have given permission to wear three layered fabric masks in order for the prevention from the noble coronavirus. Every industry, office or workplace is strictly adhering to the safety protocols and also encouraging their employees as well customers to wear masks most of the time.

    In the past decades, only few people with respiratory diseases were seen wearing masks. Masks were not very familiar until the planet is hit by COVID-19 pandemic. But now, one can find everyone is wearing mask for their protection as well for others. Even brides and grooms are wearing color-coordinating designer masks with their designer clothes. Couples are also wearing designer masks matching with their outfits, which may be with embroidery or printed with colorful creations.Variety of customs and routines demand variety of mask designs. Different instances like marriage, work specifics, sports, journey, casual hangouts or parties require a different print or design for masks. Therefore, one can find designer printed masks in almost every branded or local shop or outlet in each and every part of the world. To find the best designer mask matching with your outfit, you can checkout the cool collection of printed masks at Feel Bohemian. Wear your colorful printed mask and stay safe!