Is it a good idea to buy Stoles online?

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Stoles are a drapery that enhances the look amongst females. Stoles for males are also in fashion which differ a bit in print and material of cloth. Men’s stole come in a lot of checkered prints, self-design or criss-cross pattern. Men’s stoles are tight on material while women stoles are airy stuff like chiffon and georgette. Pandemic has taught many of us ‘Why and How to shift the focus from Offline to Online shopping?’. There are many who match stoles with every outfit. Stoles and scarves for men and women are not just style statements but also are good to be used by people in countries which have bright sun most of times in a year.

Your guide to buy  stoles online

Buy Stoles Online

Check website policies before buying

To but stoles online is a good idea if you are buying from a trustworthy website. Had you tried the stuff, pricing, return and payment policies before, go for it and grab one for your wardrobe but in case you have not experienced online shopping, ask someone who has bought from such websites. Few websites which sell good stuff are 

  • Buy Stoles online from a trustworthy store

Check if the product you are buy stoles online from an E-Commerce Website has a valid website for it. Call or write on the numbers provided on the customer care link just to check that there is somebody to talk to if you have issues with the ordered product at a later stage.

  • Check the social media presence of the brand you are opting

Social media Buzz is what an established brand will always create for itself and the products offered by it. Check Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles of brand you are inclined to. This gives you more power, information and confidence as a buyer.

  • Check reviews

Check reviews of the brand that you are planning to buy. Read the reviews on the website or on social media platform as an informed user makes it a point to be 100% sure before making a purchase decision.

 Buy Stoles Online

5 ways to style up your stole

  • As a hair accessory

This classic look provides a chic touch to your formal outfit. Team it up with a high-tied bun or pony tail and tie your dupatta around it. Let the ends of the stole fall down at the back for a gypsy look. You can wear this style with your formal as well as informal attire.

  • Waterfall

This unique style is sure to make any outfit stand out. Just wrap the scarf around your neck twice and carefully take the left corner out to tuck it onto the right side. Pin the opposite end of the scarf underneath. You can try out this ‘just to go look’ style with any type of dupatta or stole.

  • Waistline Tie

Let’s place a scarf/ stole on your waistline this time. Be sure that the stole material is not heavy and is flowy as satin. Take your stole and fold it to make a big rectangle. Place it in your pant loops and bow tie it in the front. You can play with funky stoles and colour-blocked stoles with formal pants to add a colour and spark to your formal wear.

  • Neck Bow

This style will uplift your formal wear and make you look trendy. Drape the designer dupatta around your shoulders, making sure one side of the scarf is longer than the other. Make a bow with the long side and wrap the shorter side around it. Pull to make it tight, and arrange the bow as you like.

  • Broad Neck Tie

This is the most widely carried look in Western and Asian Countries. Close to your neck ties are broad enough to keep you warm during winters. It also suits people with a heavy neck and adds a charm to their personality. Tie the ends of the scarf together to create a big loop. Hang the loop around your neck and twist the scarf so that it forms an infinity sign. This style is easy to do and looks impeccable on every type of personality.


Buy Stoles online & Stay Tuned! Stay Stylish!