Incense Sticks to boost positivity & energy

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Incense sticks creates a feel good

Incense sticks create an environment that is light and warm. Go back to the feeling of inhaling the fragrance in a room filled with incense sticks. This creates a feeling of positivity and ardor. Incense Sticks have to be chosen as per personal choice of fragrance. Some like rose while some are in awe with jasmine. Sandalwood, apple orchids, mulberry flower are some more in the list that are widely loved fragrance when it comes to incense sticks. Chakra incense sticks are hand-rolled incense sticks which are a meditative aid for many.  Natural incense sticks are always better than machine rolled ones. Natural sticks contain no chemicals and allergens. The machine-made ones tend to cause eye irritation and skin irritation. When you buy incense sticks online, remember this. You just do not have to see that’s most pocket-friendly and put that in your shopping cart. You need to be choosy at least for a thing that’s your peace & meditation partner.

Things to remember while buying & using incense sticks online or from a store

  1. You need to know right that you buy natural and safe ones.
  2. You need to be sure that you buy fragrance that you adore and love the most. However, experimenting is also not a bad option.
  3. If you are experimenting with fragrance options, you need to be careful enough to order only a small package.
  4. Some fragrance takes you back to good times. Choose the ones that create those reminiscence otherwise an incense stick loses its purpose.
  5. Create a little vent through a window or door to let the incense stick fume pass over and linger to the entire place around.

Benefits of Incense sticks

Let you stay calm and focussed

Essential oils present in hand rolled incense sticks with floral and citrus fragrance have shown considerable improvement in cognitive levels, goal- clarity and focussed life.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Some components used in making of incense sticks are specifically known for their ability to treat and reduce anxiety to much extent. Starting your day with burning an incense stick or ending it on home coming after a long tiring day is what incense sticks gets you as a gift.

Induces sleep

A good & undisturbed sleep is a result of a spic and span room filled with light fragrance. Do, lighting an incense sticks just a couple of hours before you go to bed can be a really good sleep inducer as the fragrance will be lingering and not too strong. If there is freshness lingering in your room, you are into arms of sleep quicker and for long.

Helps in yoga or meditation

Incense sticks have a historical and long-term connection with yoga and meditation. Incense sticks have essential oils that are energy boosters. So, while you meditate, it doubles the joy of meditation and sets a tone for your regular meditative routine.

Boosts creativity

You love smelling good, right? But what around your vicinity? Burning incense sticks helps focus better and thus, unveil your creative side. It has been researched that buying incense sticks online can boost your creativity and lets you explore a lot many things about self.

Guard off against evil spirits & bacteria

Monks believed from long seen history that incense sticks helps purify space, soul and the atmosphere. Not just this, it guards off homes and workplaces against evil spirits. It also reduces air bacteria to over 90%!

There is nothing better than sipping a cup of coffee in a room filled with aromatic fragrance of an incense stick. Buy incense stick online or from a store to fill your life with amazing and unbelievable changes you are about to get. Aroma triggers positive emotions and reminds you of happy memories with friends and family. Even if you not in a very fond mood, buying incense stick will be the start of a journey that knows no end.

If you’re looking to buy incense stick online for experiencing positive effects in your life, make sure you find the best one and best in quality. Incense made with synthetic fragrances causes pollution and irritation when burned for long time. Buy incense sticks online at Feel Bohemian. They are naturally made and hand rolled. So, you get the best incense sticks online