Did anyone say, ‘Fabric Wall Hangings’?

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Fabric wall hangings are easy to choose as it needs to directly relate to the tastes, preferences and existing style of interior. There are different fabric hangings that do not require any sort of framing. Fabric Rugs will give your living rooms a rustic feel and not just that, they are washable and demand comparatively low maintenance. Each time you wash or clean your fabric wall hanging, it becomes all the more rugged. Despite diminished finishing and sheen, fabric wall hangings are a classic hit when it comes to bohemian style or modern style home décor. There are different kinds of fabric wall hangings which one can choose from:

Woven fabric wall hanging

Woven wall hangings are hand woven or machine woven with contrasting color thread or wool so that it forms the desired image. For example, a woven painting can be a white background with a green thread intertwisted in the yarn to create a 3D looking green grass. Every wall hanging is a masterpiece which has an associated meaning to it.

Painted fabric wall hangings

Some fabrics are dyed or painted with a brush to create artistic pieces and constitutes major preference amongst home décor lovers. This is comparatively an easy art form than the woven fabric wall designs and hence are also more affordable. It is mostly painted by local artisans and craftsman who have either learnt or inherited a skill.

Crafted fabric wall hangings

This is yet more common and an easier form of wall hanging which can also be made beautifully at home. Use some of the material wisely to make home-made fabric wall hangings. There are a lot many fabrics that are left unused out of your unstitched dress material. Making a good use of such material can help you make unique wall hangings.

How to create your own fabric wall hanging?

Yes! If buying is not what you love much, you can create an artistic piece for your own and by your own.

Step 1: Browse for Designs
Look for what you love and take ideas from the web as to which can be some manageable designs which you can create with clarity. You can paint or simply stick material to a piece a fabric to make it an attractive fabric wall hanging.

Step 2: Look for readily available material
Look for what material is readily available with you at home. You can’t imagine how some waste material can be so useful in creating attractive fabric wall hangings. It can be straws, ice cream stick, waste cloth pieces and much more. Thanks to the web. There are many possibilities of creating masterpieces by spending absolutely nothing.

Step 3: Buy Required Supplies
In case there is some paints or glues that you think you might require, visit the store and bag them all. Leaving your fabric wall hanging incomplete midway will not something you will like. Let your creativity be unstoppable and face no hurdles. For that, supply your craftsmanship with all the essentials well.

Step 4: Start with the design
Let your creativity flow and start with what you have been thinking for so long now. Get Set Go! You are about to design a masterpiece that you will have as a prized possession forever. You can gift it to your loved ones too on festivals and important days like birthdays and anniversaries.

Step 5: Finish with essential top coat & hook
Give your fabric wall hanging a finishing touch with hooks for hanging and transparent varnish coat so that your wall hanging has a longer and durable life. Varnishing a painting with a top coat protects it from scratches and dust. It also makes it feasible for cleaning with a wet clot whenever required.

So, now you know that you can be creative as well this festive season and create handmade fabric wall hangings with material readily available at home. Keep browsing and enhance your artistic self by creating unique wall hangings and rest stay assured that your painting will draw and grab interest of everyone who looks at it hanging on your wall.