Beautiful & Designer wall hanging is an Amazing Remedy for your Boring Walls!

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Some like to keep it simple, some wants a plush of extra colors. Some want to keep it trendy while some run after minimalistic décor. Yes! Living room walls are something that reflects personality of the person dwelling in it. Not just this, home décor is a matter of personal choice where blue and aqua doesn’t imply to be the same color. Designer Wall hanging can be a perfect gift on occasions like birthdays and anniversaries if you have a hint of a taste of the person you are gifting it to. Bohemian art is aesthetically in-fashion and there are a lot of decals and stickers of this kind that are flooding the market. Wall hangings with traditional element like Buddha and Om are as much in trend as painting of running horses or face of an elephant. Every décor that is an emblem to your wall also has various connotations attached to it. Be it spiritual in nature or just a good luck charm, every decoration is a masterpiece and has an alluring beauty attached to it.

Tie and dye, dry paints, acrylic paints, glass painting, crosia thread work, canvas prints and the like are some of the latest styles which are picked by professional interior designers or home makers who love to be in sync with the latest trends. Although, time and tides change the trends but basics of designing which has an earthly and rustic feel is always appreciated by spectators.

Designer wall hanging

With Designer Wall hanging, Wall decor ideas are something that can be created by making the best of out of waste. Haven’t you come across some beautifully painted stones at places near the shore? That’s what is the artisans pick on tourist spots like Goa (India). Also, there are paintings which are painted by child artisan and ladies in the household and crafted so perfectly to be loved by someone who is a home décor freak.

The in-fashion culture for 3D Art is also developing. It is a low cost art done with using some Plaster of Paris which hardens and in turn painted using different colors. This can be hung on walls raw or even after putting into frames for longevity. Dating back to earlier in times, say, Medieval times, the stylish wall hangings, more commonly called as ‘Tapestries’, were used by the upper class of the society to decorate their castles. Very easy to conclude here is that these hangings were considered as royal in those times. ‘Tapestry’ in earlier Indian times was such an important thing that the finesse with which a girl did it decided her fate for marrying the best suitor. Beauty of an Indian girl was decided by the extent of finesse with which she carves, designs, knits or paints. Gradually the handwork which made the cost of production of these painting high were replaced by machines in the modern era and every household could afford them for decoration purpose. Hand craft and hand painting has reduced in number but they still hold relevance if one is searching for an authentically cultured masterpiece. Cost of these hand-made paintings shall increase owing to the time spent by artisans on it while doing hand-work. There are a number of options to buy wall hangings including traditional markets, flea-markets, tourist shopping spree, online marketplace, tele-orders, direct merchants etc. However, buying online has number of advantages like transparent payment portals, return and refund policies, dealer/ seller information, material information and competitive and fair prices. So, next time you are binging in or are on a lookout to decorate your living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen, remember to pick pieces that are unique, hold value, evergreen, trendy, stylish and minimalistic. Do remember to take into consideration the light in the room and hues of the wall so that you can either match or completely choose a contrasting wall hanging.  Check Out our best & Beautiful Designer Wall hanging Collections on our site: Feel Bohemian

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