Copper Bottle makes your water healthier!

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In our day-to-day life, this pandemic has affected people’s lives in various aspects. It is well known that this virus triggers our weaknesses. Nowadays, people want to live a healthy life in a positive environment. We can do so by making little changes in our day-to-day routine. Our body requires healthy air, water, and food. We can add daily nutrition to acquire fit and energetic body. Whatever we consume impacts our body and mind. Walk in the morning for fresh air, doing Yoga or Pranayama for healthy body and mind etc. help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But, what we consume is also equally important. Drinking water from copper bottles would be suggested as it comes with great benefits. Let’s look upon some of the health benefits:

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Health Benefits of copper bottles:

✓ It increases our brain efficiency
✓ It boosts our immunity
✓ Reduces arthritis
✓ Slows ageing
✓ Improves digestion
✓ Aids in healing our wounds quickly
✓ Cures cancer
✓ Improves health condition, prevents strokes

As per the research done by NCBI, US NLM, and NIH, Bacteria or viruses can't survive at the surface of copper. It also kills Diarrhoeagenic bacteria.

These are some of the causes why we should switch to copper bottles. It will lead to the betterment of our body as it has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic properties. Copper bottle release ions when water is stored in it which will imparts great benefit to our body.

Many diseases could be prevented which comes with the deficiencies of such ions but water should be stored for at least 8 hours. Hence, for best results it is recommended to store water in copper bottles overnight. It will help in digestion plus the formation of hemoglobin. Nowadays, we all wish for a healthy glowing skin, drinking water from copper bottle prevents anti-aging as copper releases antioxidants which results in the regeneration of new cells.

A healthy mind stays in a healthy body. Our health is the reflection of our sound mind and body. So, let's adapt healthy lifestyle and build it.

We can switch to copper bottles from plastic bottles doing a favors to our environment as well. Copper bottles are easy to wash using lemon/tamarind and salt. Now, many of you must be thinking about how can you check which copper bottle is best. Basic thing about copper is that it is non-magnetic. This way you can differentiate the quality of the copper bottles. Copper bottle engraving is popular nowadays, it comes in various designs and carvings. Now you are all set to decide on your own healthy lifestyle. Choose your healthy sips from a variety of designs available on our store