Connection beyond words

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Love, health and care are the best takeaways from all the gifts you can give yourself or others.

While new ways of innovation, technology and electronics help us move toward the future, they also pull us away from each other. Updates, tasks and with it stress springs up every day and while working through late nights, we often forget to care for people around us as well as ourselves. Short breaks of looking up from screens, making faces at each other and enjoying a laugh or a time of endless conversation are irreplaceable moments. After-all - words, art, advice, care and helping each other grow is what binds us. 

Expressing through our hearts every time is difficult with just words though. This is when presents just make sense. Notes by a side table showpiece, jewellery or little reminders of a ‘take care’ can be encapsulated within seconds. Our memories run from one person to the next as we muse looking at gifts received during different occasions.

So, why wait? Let us help you pack memories that last.

  Drink Enough Water


Always easier said than done. How many times have we walked into the kitchen to only come back without what was needed, like a glass of water? 

Let’s start easy, like a nudge for the forgetful. This has to be an eye-catcher, ready to remedy an important reminder we overlook.

A designer bottle can catch anybody’s attention, if it's by your side then it naturally becomes a part of your routine. And if it's made of pure copper then even better. We say this, as copper vessels can help water remain cool and calm the mind to think clearly during work or strenuous study hours.


    Glimmer Of Simplicity


A light pair of jewellery, earrings become a highlight of any face with their intricate beauty. Not only do earrings work well with every attire but they also add their own charm to it. Easy to wear and a simplicity like no other. This is an ornament to collect and wear anytime you want.

Clear the air                    Incense Stick Pack

Often known as an agarbatti in parts of the world, incense sticks are used to offer prayers to entities in parts of Asia. 

The reason for this - when pure incense sticks keep burning around the home with their sweet fragrances, they create an aura of serenity for members of the family. A single agarbatti can stimulate calmness and relax the nerves that create a sense of anxiety for us. 

     Seat for One   


Use it as a chair or a foot rest, it comfortably stands out in any room. Patches of different designs show from all angles as you catch a glimpse of this seat.

Grab a drink, pick your spot and drag a pouf ottoman to muse comfortably while a world of stressful thoughts slip away. You can even make time for yourself or enjoy hours of chitter-chatter with friends and family. 


We'll go back to our seats now and leave you to ponder upon your closest connections.


Hopefully, we have covered all thoughts to express gratitude and care for someone special to you. Help yourself translate all your words into any present of choice from here or go to for more inspiration. Keep your connections strong, life happy and decisions easy.


Good luck!