Buy Wall Hanging For Enchanting Décor

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Wall Hanging for home décor is the most essential part of interior that will draw everyone’s attention when they visit your home. Wall hangings can be of innumerable types and you have an opportunity to choose from amongst these wall hangings based on what is your taste and liking. Some of the most common places to hang wall hangings are above fireplaces, beds and couches.

There is much to decide when we are to buy wall hanging. These decision factors include

The type of wall hanging
First thing to make up your mind for when you buy wall hanging is the type of wall hanging you would buy. These wall hangings can be bohemian style, hippie style or simple hand painted on fabric of your choice.   Some of other common wall hangings to buy are wall arts, tapestries and mirror hangings. Hangings can also be in form of your favourite photos in a frame, inverted baskets and vinyl art. Choose your type, style and design of wall hanging that suits your style of home decor.

The design/art on wall hanging
Choose wall hanging design that suits your home interior well. Some like abstract designs while some go just for patterns. Some like black and white canvas prints of their personal photo collection and all these are classic examples if you are thinking to buy wall hanging. You will get every genre of print and designs in the tapestry market. Choose a traditional, abstract or a modern design and take the first step to decorate your walls.

Buy wall hangingBuy wall hangingBuy wall hanging

The colour of wall hanging
The wall hanging you buy will be either dyed or painted in a colour or colour combinations. Choosing a bright one with subtle furniture is one wise option just like choosing a subtle colour for wall hanging when you have a bright yellow and red in your furniture setup. This is how you set an interior tone to highlight your wall hanging and the furniture, both at the same time.

The material of wall hanging
Wall hanging can be a simple fabric hanging, made of jute or any other material. Feel Bohemian has a huge collection of fabric wall hangings which you can buy. It has abstract and well as modern prints with fast and bright colours. Buy wall hangings at

 A wall hanging is an exquisite masterpiece which adorns and adds a spark to the look of your wall. Tapestry is a part of soft furnishing where a wall hanging hangs loosely and is not framed to give it a structure. This is one important element of a bohemian style wall hanging that it hangs loosely and in a flowy manner to give your wall a look that’s noteworthy.

Wall hanging or tapestry care
Boho-style wall hangings need care to maintain shine and newness. Here is what we suggest for wall hanging care:

  1. Wash the wall hanging in a mild detergent by soaking in lukewarm water. Ensure that the paint has been fixed by paint fixer by adding few drops of water to see if the colour comes out. If colour stain is there on your fingertips, do not wash at home and drop it to dry clean.
  2. If you have a fabric rug and you want to condition it, take some natural starch and spread evenly over the wall hanging surface. This will keep its shape intact and you will easily be able to hang it on the wall. This is for ones who do not like flowy look of the fabric wall hanging. Rest can simply dry clean or soak it for cleaning purpose.
  3. Never use harsh detergents or scrub pads to clean the wall hanging. This can rib off natural cloth fibre and make it look like an old piece of cloth.
  4. If you have a fabric wall hanging, get it framed for a longer life and shine of your wall hanging. With this, you will just have to clean the outer frame glass for a new-like shine of your wall hanging.

Wall hangings add charm to your boring walls and so, they need to be carefully chosen. A change of simple wall hanging elevates the look and feel of the room for better.  Home Décor lovers sometimes fill their walls with wall hangings as it adds a pleasant look to walls and they no more want to keep it simple plain white when it comes to wall colours. Colouring a wall altogether can be a herculean task and wants a lot of investments as well. Thus, it is nothing less than a super duper idea to buy wall hanging and place it at different places on wall. Shop online for different wall hangings to give your wall décor style a unique twist.

Happy Shopping!