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Copper is a chemical element with the symbol Cu and atomic number 29. No! We are not stressing you over to learn these scientific facts about Copper. Rather, we wish to highlight the health benefits to buy copper bottle and its usage in your daily life.

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Buy Copper bottle : A Sip of Health

Copper Vessels are no less than a ‘Sip of Health’ for you. Be it a copper glass, jug or a jar, it is a boon for human health. It is advised to keep a copper vessel filled with water at room temperature and leave it overnight. One glass of this copper infused water detoxifies body, improves digestion and increases hemoglobin. It is already an advised scenario to ‘Quit Plastic bottle’; Why not opt for copper bottles instead of Glass Bottles? They look great and have a bagful of health benefits too. These bottles can be found with local artisans or at online stores. Immunity is what we are searching for post COVID-19 pandemic. Being specific about the healing and body maintenance properties of Copper, it relieves joint pain and helps maintain thyroid levels in human body. Copper is also said to have potent anti-bacterial properties that means it will kill any bacteria that comes in contact with copper surface. That is the reason why many hospitals have now made it a practice to use copper door handles. Copper is more beneficial for people who do not have an access to clean drinking water. These people have an option to store water in copper vessels overnight to stop any bacteria contamination to it. Both, deficiency and excess of copper can be detrimental to health. That is why, copper infused water is the best source that keeps the body sufficiently nutritioned with just the right amount of copper that the body needs. Copper Vessels are more preferred over Copper Bottles as copper infusion takes almost 24-48 hours.


Buy Copper Bottle (sipper)


Best Selling Copper Vessels of 2021

·       Buy Copper Bottle (Sipper)

Sipper bottles are handy, comfortable to drink liquids and ideal even for small kids who fear spilling water while drinking from open mouth bottles. These sipper bottles look trendy as well go with every age group. Copper bottles might be heavy for kids to carry along in their bags but with the less weight of bags in schools, they can easily make a room for good amount of water in bottles and packed lunch with food and fruits.

·      Buy  Hammered Pure Copper Bottle

Hammered Pure Copper bottles are designer water bottles that look trendy and are easy to hold. They provide a better grip than the bottles with plain and smooth finish. Not just this, it looks rusty which is loved by all. It is specially and uniformly hammered to create a specific pattern on the outer surface of the bottle.

·       Buy Bedside Copper Pot

Quenching your thirst while you wake up in midst of the night is something we all can relate too. How about drinking something healthy unknowingly while you are half awake and half sleepy? Another Ayurveda backed remedy is adding a teaspoonful of poppy seeds into the copper bottle with water so that you just do not drink health tonic during the day time but also at dusk.

·       8 Litre Copper Jar with Stand

An Eight litre copper jar is a jumbo storage of health. It comes with an iron stand which is just right to place the jar. It is a party popper. Next time, people drop in to your place for a party, invite them to dispense water from this copper jar with health benefits. It keeps true to its Health benefits of Copper and keeps the water cooler than the room temperature.

 Customers say……

Benefits of drinking water in a copper bottle are many but users who have used it for more than 6 months review it to provide: -

Ø A Better Digestive System

Ø Maintained Blood Pressure

Ø Stabilized Hemoglobin Level

Ø Better Immunity

Ø Better Platelet Count

The above mentioned health benefits are drawn from surveys conducted for copper bottle users. Using Copper Bottle impacts different individuals differently but the Benefits of drinking Water in a Copper Bottle exceeds far beyond any Discomfort it can cause to Human Body.