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Home Décor has to be very minimalistic for a boho look. That does not mean that you cannot play with colors. Chindi Rug Australia is a pretty common option that makes the décor worth noticing. It is your personal taste and preference as to which type of rug you choose, but we tell you, Chindi rugs are the most economical and easy going.

Chindi rugs Australia are colorful genre of normal carpet rugs that was a trend earlier but now, Cloth Rugs made of colorful fibre stitched together is what alone adds charm to your living rooms and bedrooms.

Why choose Chindi Rugs?

Cost Benefit

Chindi rugs are cost beneficial as the are economical than other woolen rugs. They are widely available online and in local shops. Despite being manufactured in wide variety, each chindi rug is artistically and carefully hand woven by skilled artisans. This makes it a masterpiece.

Easy Maintenance

Chindi rugs are cotton fiber based and are dyed using natural colors. This makes it easy to wash and dry. Avoid spinning and wringing in a washing machine. This makes the Chindi Rug lose its color and lustre.

Colorful & Vibrant

Chindi rugs Australia look colorful & vibrant so, the feeling it emits is of liveliness and peace. White interiors match perfectly with colorful chindi boho rugs. Decorate your Home this Christmas with these simple yet trendy Chindi rugs and win enchanting appreciation from guests who come over on a Christmas feast.

Oodles of Craftsmanship

Every Chindi rug is a perfect example of subtle craftsmanship that goes into its making. It is a trendy rug that takes inspiration from the medieval times when kings never wished to put forth even a step ahead on the floor. They had big castles and every part of their kingdom was decorated with rugs and carpets.

History behind Chindi Rugs

The most understood meaning for chindi is ‘torn cloth’. Most Chindi rugs are made by fibres or by products that are left after manufacturing a big roll of cloth. For textile industry, Chindi is a waste product that is a raw material for local artisans who create masterpieces in form of Chindi Rugs. This residual fabric commonly known as Chindi can be a by-product that’s obtained from industrial or household use.  Chindi rugs are finished products that are generally made of textile waste, torn strips of cloth, fibres etc. and transformed into colourful twine for tapestry or other craft projects, hand-loom woven floor mats and wall hangings for home décor.

Rugs were a weaving activity that was prevalent in rural communities. But, with advent of technology and inclination towards traditional and rustic home décor, art students and bif firms are setting up their own production units. They hire art students and artisans to produce ethnic and modern designer Chindi Rugs which are loved across the globe now. In rural areas, household waste was often handed over to a local weaver for making a chindi rug. The weaver would decide on the shape, design and dimensions for the rug.  The rug was then put into making and due to lack of dying and stitching machines, these hand-made rugs took even months to complete. A chindi rug is also known as rag rug in western markets. These rugs are full if utility, have a coarse look and feel and are comparatively cheaper than other rugs and carpets.