Bohemian Style Halloween Home décor

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Halloween is approaching and the vibe that’s setting with it is that of a party! EVERYONE would call you over to their place and you would host parties themed in Halloween Vibes. Halloween is a festival of dark but had abundance of fun. It marks the start of winter. This time, when your bell rings for TRICK OR TREAT, call kids over a merry feast. Also, with carved pumpkin and ghost dresses in your Halloween party, decorate your home interiors with Feel Bohemian tapestry and rugs. Bohemian Style home décor gives a rustic feel and adds charm to a dark themed Halloween party. With spooky skeletons and jack-o-lanterns on the outdoors, decorate your living room with pouf, ottomans, rugs and wall paintings which will draw your guests’ attention towards a bohemian feel interior.

Hand-woven HALLOWEEN Chindi Rug
This Halloween, do not leave your floors bare. Decorate them with colorful rugs from the house of Feel Bohemian. Let your floor shine bright when guests walk over them in the dark Halloween night. Let the party mode set in. Feel Bohemian Chindi rugs are carefully hand woven by artisans and reflect a true craftsmanship.

Rustic Wall painting for HALLOWEEN
Walls define you and this Halloween when the lights will be dim and you will be enjoying a merry meal with your mates, you need to have a wall décor that is eye catching. Feel Bohemian wall painting are subtle yet classy. They are a tonic to your boring walls and look even better when a spotlight reveals its beauty. We have tried that! We wish that you do that too!

Party with Pouf Ottomans this HALLOWEEN
Where is the place to sit till you have small pouf ottomans lined up on the sides of your couch and dining table? Place these colorful ottomans in your Halloween party and brighten up your indoor setup. With jack o lantern, spreading light let these colorful poufs spread colors and joy to your Halloween celebration. Sit on these ottomans and talk your heart out all night long with friends that are staying over after party.

Why not Mocktails in a copper dispenser?

Are you still planning to serve Mocktails in your Halloween party? Yes! That lime soda and blue mojito with the green lagoon and lemon slice topped on it will go along well with dishes you have prepared for the party. Where will you store that? Feel Bohemian gets into quick action to bring to you some amazing copper vessels with dispenser which will ensure ease to self – serve and health going together.


Why opt in for Bohemian style home décor?

BOHEMIAN style décor is simple to manage and put in place. It needs low maintenance and stays in place for long. So, for working professionals, it is an ideal interior choice. It is full of colors and artistic tassels which looks soothing to eyes and adds a feeling of pep in the home décor. Bohemian Style home décor also is flowy and reflects positivity and charm. It is said to keep the environment positive and lively.

As you would already be busy in planning and inviting over guests for the Halloween get-together, you might also want to change how your living room looks in lesser time and with lesser expense. In this case, Bohemian style home décor ranks to the top. It is affordable, is minimalistic and can be quickly placed to change the look and feel of your home. Not just this, bohemian décor items are light weight and not bulky. This makes them easy to carry, shift and move from place to place. You can even opt for bohemian style home décor if you are in a transferable job and need to shift to places often. Jumping from city to another city isn’t easy so, keep your interior light and impressive which can only be done by opting a Bohemian style rugs, carpets, pouf ottomans and wall hangings.