5 Unique Gift Ideas for Thanksgiving

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“What am I thankful for?”


Maybe you’ve asked yourself this question before but have you ever celebrated it? 

With help from our friends in North America, we can celebrate a variety of answers on Thanksgiving! People show gratitude for what and who they have in life either with words or by giving each other gifts. The festive mood brings together family and friends for a filling feast of turkey and traditional pumpkin pies. 


Gifts that show a sense of gratitude for your loved ones are always the hardest to figure out. So, let us make giving thanks easier for you this time. Here’s a list curated by us (with some of our favorites) to help you find the perfect present for Thanksgiving.

1. Wall Hanging 

A wall hanging or a tapestry can light up a room. A beautifully decorated room is always easy on the eyes and gives one a pause for thought. The designs on a wall hanging are something you can stare at and, each time you do, you see a different pattern. Hand-crafted gifts have a special touch that makes them so much more precious. (Also, hanging something on a wall is as easy as buying it online!)

Elephant Wall Hanging

2. Bling it on!

The quick twist of earrings paired with a beautiful dress makes any woman look more beautiful. Shiny beads with turquoise blue colours, the floral patterns or brass plated antiques. The choice is never-ending. Nobody can go wrong with a gift that is already perfect for all celebratory occasions.

Boho Style Silver Earring - Style 74


3. Copper Vessels


That might be your reaction right now, but hear us out. Drinking water from a copper bottle is as much an old tradition as it is healthy. Copper is a metal with antibacterial properties and is a healing agent for wounds. It can also prevent anemia by helping the body absorb more iron. 

Among many other benefits, storing water in copper vessels can help the body keep cool especially during this scorching heat. A gift that can care for a loved one’s health is a thoughtful, caring gesture.

DR Bubble Printed Copper Bottle - 900ml


4. Incense Sticks

A room refreshes you when it smells like heaven. It is so soothing that you feel at ease. High-quality incense sticks are better gifts than a set of candles as they are hand-rolled, natural and can purify the air by disinfecting it of bacteria. You can easily vacuum it up instead of scraping at wax residue. 

Incense Stick

5. Stoles/ Scarves/ Wraps/ Shawls

More uses than the name. Drape it over yourself to keep warm or cover your head when the sun is too bright. A stole is not just an accessory, it's essential to add a touch of flair to your look. They come in an incredible array of colors and designs and can be worn with almost any ensemble.

That ends the list of handcrafted range of gifts curated by us, but it’s just the beginning of the final selections you make. You can find more here: feelbohemian.com.au or share your favorite ideas & products with us! We hope this helped you decide on the gifts. We wish you have a pleasant & fulfilling time with your loved ones. And finally, we are so thankful that you dropped in.

Happy Thanksgiving! :)